Hope in the Air

Our Community Thriving Through Giving

HOPE in the AIR brings our community together through stewardship and giving, providing valuable awareness and resources for causes creating a positive impact on Southeastern Pennsylvania.

2021 Campaign

2021 Campaign

Join Hope in the Air on September 11th, 2021 as we reflect on our journey and celebrate the accomplishments of Tails of Valor Paws of Honor, Penn State Children’s Hospital Facility Dog Program and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Facility Dog Program.

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Your Help Drives Our Ongoing Efforts

Your Help Drives Our Ongoing Efforts

Each year, HOPE in the AIR identifies an important cause that helps to improve lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania and works to bring the community together to support it.

2019, 2020

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Facility Dog


Penn State's Children's Hospital Facility Dog


Tails of Valor, Paws of Honor

Your Support makes all the difference!

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